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Oct 14, 2021

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, we have the absolute pleasure of chatting to Mark & Vivienne from Lineman Brewing based in Rathcoole, in West Dublin. We get to find out their beer journey, how they became a team that produce a great product.

On the night we were drinking the following beers from Lineman

  • Sundrops Table Beer
  • Fluid Dynamics Extra Pale Ale
  • Transmission Double IPA

Lineman are distributed nationwide by Four Corners and are available in cans, bottles, and kegs. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media channels for updates on new beer releases, and all things Lineman.

Sep 26, 2021

On this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast we are delighted to be joined by Junior and Cris from Hopfully Brewing. 

We get to hear more about their ethos, and their story from where they started to where they are now, and what their future plans are. 

Hopfully are currently running a crowdfunding campaign, you can find our more details here

You can find Hopfully's Social media profiles below, and their website.

Hopfully are distributed by Radical Drinks nationwide, and are looking to export so if you're interested get in touch with the guys.

May 31, 2021

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, we catch up with long time friend of the show David Guilfoyle, head brewer of Dundalk Bay Brewery naturally enough from Dundalk, Co Louth in the North East of Ireland.

We chat through his brewing pedigree to his current home.

While chatting we drank the following beers from Brewmaster

  • Haus Party - citra hopped lager
  • Irish IPA
  • Double IPA

You can listen back to our episode with Stephen Clinch here and find out more about Dundalk Bay Brewery on their social media channels - Instagram Twitter Facebook

May 16, 2021

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, we chat with Grainne & Tim from Waterford's Metalman Brewing who celebrated 10 years of brewing this year.

We look back over their history, their future plans and their new range of beers.

While speaking to Grainne & Tim we drank the following beers.

  • Giant Molecular Clouds NEIPA
  • Windjammer NZ Amber Ale
  • Metalman Pale Ale
  • Decade - a tart coffee cherry porter

You can buy their beers directly from their webstore

You can follow Metalman Brewing on their social media channels on the links below

Instagram Twitter Facebook

Apr 20, 2021

In this latest podcast episode we catch up with Brian from Craic Beer Community. We look back over his first 12 months building up Craic Beer Community.

We have a great old wide ranging chinwag all while supping some great Irish Independent Beers.

Janice & I were drinking the following beers while recording

  • Bru Brewery Lager
  • Black's Brewery - Black IPA
  • Hope Brewery - Miroslav Gose
  • Whiplash - Let it Happen DIPA
  • Trouble - Lucky Pale Ale
  • Two Sides - Shop Local DDH DIPA

Other Irish based podcasts we talk about on the show are 

You can find out more information about Brian and Craic Beer Community via their website, and instagram & twitter

Apr 6, 2021

In this latest episode we are joined by Aidan Murphy, Founder of Galway Hooker Brewery, and Niall Mahon, Sales Manager to look back over the last 15 years and look forward to a bright future. Spoiler, I think Niall is itching to go to their export markets!

During the show we drank the flagship Irish Pale Ale, and their special edition 15th Anniversary Double IPA. If you want to get that beer, you'll have to be quick as it's all sold from the brewery, so keep your eyes peeled in your favourite local off licence. We purchased ours from 57 The Headline

You can find more info on Galway Hooker on their website, facebook, instagram, and Twitter

Mar 28, 2021

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, Janice & Wayne are joined by Marcus Robinson, of Reel Deel Brewery.

Coinciding with their beers launched in cans we drink 3 from the core range

  • Irish Blonde
  • Jack The Lad
  • Say Nowt Stout

You can find Reel Deel on the socials, links are below.

Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

So give them a follow.


Feb 14, 2021

In this latest podcast, we are delighted to have been joined by Carla & Sean from Widestreet Brewing in Ballymahon, Co Longford. In what is one of our longest podcasts in ages, we have a good old chinwag about how the came into being, and how they've become part of the community in Ballymahon. We also need to speak about what Sean said.

While chatting away we enjoyed the following beers

  • Mill Pils
  • House Saison
  • Cashmere IPA
  • Peach Berliner Weisse

You can find out more about Wide Street here, you can buy Widestreet beers on Beer Cloud, and follow them on Social's on FB Twitter and IG

Feb 7, 2021

"What does an American Craft Beer Ambassador do?" - Well, we are delighted to have the lovely Lotte Peplow from the Brewer's Association to talk all things beer, and her journey in Beer. We have a good old chinwag.

What are your American Craft Beer memories? Let's face it, in Ireland we do look west for inspiration quite a lot.


Nov 19, 2020

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, we attempt to answer question that no one has asked. Which is better, Aldi's Rheinbacher, in Can format or in bottles? 

To help us in our quest, we engaged the supreme beer tasting talents of John "The Beer Nut" to answer this question once and for all! We look back at John's blog when it started and how it's grown over the years. We also chat to him regarding and his role there.

Follow The Beer Nut on Twitter to keep up with his hijinks.

Jun 19, 2020

In this latest episode we chat to Barry Flanagan, Owner of Kildare Brewing Company and Lock 13 Gasto pub in Sallins, Co Kildare and Rob Rainsford, Head Brewer of Kildare Brewing Company.

We chat about all things Kildare Brewing Company.

While chatting to the lads we drank a couple of cans of Lock Down IPA extended edition, which was brewed to raise funds for Naas Hospital during the Covid emergency.

You can find Kildare Brewing on Twitter, Instagram and their website here

May 17, 2020

In this latest podcast episode we have a good old chinwag with Stephen Clinch co - owner of Kildare's Trouble Brewing who along with Dungarvan Brewing are part of the core of Irish Craft Brewing scene and also celebrated their 10th birthday this year.

While we were chatting with Stephen we enjoyed the following Trouble Brewing beers;

  • Ambush - Juicy Pale Ale
  • Vietnow - IPA (Collaboration with Cassidy's / PMACs / Blackbird pub group)
  • Speakerbox - DIPA

Trouble brewing are distributed by Grand Cru beers, and available nationwide in all good beer retailers.

Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher Radio.


May 1, 2020

In this latest podcast episode, we have the pleasure of having a chat to Cormac from Dungarvan Brewing Company who have just celebrated their 10th Birthday. We chat about the last ten years and basically had a bit of craic with Cormac.

While recording we drank;

  • Helvick Gold - Blonde Ale
  • Copper Coast - Red Ale
  • Comeragh Challenger - Bitter

Which are both widely available nationwide via their distributors Four Corners.

Apr 17, 2020

In this latest episode, Janice & Wayne chat to Liam Tutty, owner of Dead Centre Brewing from Athlone in Co. Westmeath.

We chat to Liam about his first year in operation, and what some of the highlights were.

We also chat to him about his latest brain child, which is a new online shop which sells beers from breweries all across Ireland.

We drank beers from Dead Centre while recording;

  • Teeny Tiny - Micro IPA
  • SuperJuice - A NE IPA with Chia Seeds, Raspberry, Orange, Blueberry, Mango & Pineapple
Apr 9, 2020

In this latest episode, Janice & Wayne have a good old chinwag with Brian Cahill of Craic Beer Community which is a new online resource in Ireland for both brewers, and drinkers.

We chat about his 5 desert island beers, and what his plans for Craic Beer Community are. Including some really exciting plans that will come in the future.

We drank the following beers while chatting to Brian;

  • White Hag - Róc Helles Lager
  • Kinnegar - Scraggy Bay
  • 8 Degrees - Black Ball Metric Stout (collaboration with Jameson)

You can connect with Brian on Twitter and Instagram

Apr 3, 2020

Brú brewery have been in operation since 2013 in Meath, and recently, Carrig Brewing and Brú Brewery have merged under the Brú Brewery brand. You can read more about the merger here

We are joined by Head Brewer Francesco Sottomano for a live tasting of three beers from both their core and Urban Jungle range.

  • Bru Red Ale
  • Tutti Frutti - Tropical Pale Ale
  • Panda Nero - Tiramisu Dessert Stout

You can purchase the beers direct from Brú at their webshop here and at retailers nationwide.

Mar 27, 2020

We've not podcasted in ages, so it only takes a pandemic to get us back behind the Mic!

In this episode we are tasting 3 lovely beers from Dublin's Hope Beer.

  • Hop On Session IPA
  • Pineapple & Passionfruit Sour
  • Foreign Export Stout

We also talk about how things are going during these strange times for our island, including the example of collaboration and great community spirit demonstrated by Craig P Kearney who took a rambling twitter thread of mine, and collated it all into one handy page for everyone to use to buy direct from Irish Breweries. Check it out - anyone out there who wants to be added hit us up and we'll get it updated pronto. 

Oct 2, 2018

In this latest interview we visited Larkins Brewing Company in Kilcoole County Wicklow, just outside Dublin, and right next to one of my favourite golf courses in the country, Druid's Glen

We chat to Cillian about the brewery, how it came about and how it really is a family business. We looked back over their 1st 12 months when they launched at the RDS beer festival to where they are now, and where they're looking at going. 

The beers coming out of Larkins are really good and there will no doubt be more to come. A keen young brewer Cian Hurley, is heading up the production side, while brother Nick helping out full time too. There is a nice feel to the space and environment.

We were also treated to some Baltic Porter from the tank, which should be available at the end of October. 

You can follow them online on social media at the following
Twitter: @Larkins_Brewing
Facebook: Larkins on Facebook
Instagram: Larkins on Instagram


Sep 10, 2018

In this long over due episode we look back at our recent beery adventures while supping Whiplash's collab with Wylam, Do you wanna touch me, and their DIPA, Eventually

We looked back over the last month or so, at Hagstravaganza, Big Grill Festival, and AbvFest.

Links to places mentioned in the podcast;

As always get in touch with us with your thoughts especially regarding phones in pubs, and if you were at any of the events above. 

@IrishBeerSnob & @MrsBeerSnob on Twitter

Jun 23, 2018

In this latest episode, we taste the Magic Rock cannonballs, so that's their regular Cannonball IPA, with their annual specials Human & Unhuman Cannonball. This year sees a new special enter the fray, in the Neo Human Cannonball, a New England DIPA version.

We also look back over recent weeks, and look forward to the events taking place around the country to celebrate Indie Beer Week which is a series of events taking place in many of Ireland's Craft Breweries - be sure to check out the events in your locality

We're also are looking forward to the following events

Hopefully we'll see some of you there.


Jun 4, 2018

Picture the scene, the Beer garden in L. Mulligan Grocers of Stoneybatter, a gorgeous sunny Saturday. What better than to spend a part of the afternoon tasting beers from North Tipperary's Canvas Brewery

Taking the rule book of convention, and tossing it on the fires of Mad Max, listen to Maurice and Mark talk about the origins, the aspirations, and plans for Canvas.

This was recorded outdoors, and there is some background noise, and some of the audience members were quite quiet, so we've boosted audio as best we can

Incidentally the cheese maker is 

Feb 25, 2018

In this latest episode we recount our recent hi-jinx over the last while, which includes visits to old favourites, and an in depth look at Kildare Brewing Company.

We are drinking a Kildare Brewing Company Helles while recording this episode.


Feb 4, 2018

Athlone, a town situated on the banks of the River Shannon, literally in the middle of Ireland is about to get a new brewery. It's first brewery in many many years. Dead Centre Brewing, quite a clever name, and nice clean branding too.

We got to sit down with Liam Tutty, founder of Dead Centre brewing, to discuss his plans for opening a brewery in Athlone, his background and of course get a taste of their new Session Pale Ale, </Sourcecode> which was launched in The Malt House that evening.

After our interview, we got to see the plans of the new brewery, and to say it's ambitious would be an understatement, but it could very well be a template for similar across Ireland in similar sized towns. 

It's clear Liam believes strongly in local business, and supporting local as much as possible. We look forward to following his progress over the coming weeks and months. Give them a follow on twitter here , instagram , and their website here

Jan 21, 2018

In this latest podcast episode, we interview Francesca Slattery (Find Chess Here , Ireland account manager for Five Points Brewing  and taste some of Five Points Beers which will be brought into Ireland shortly

We are looking forward to the launch event in our favourite Dublin Bar, Underdog on February the 1st from 6pm.


Nov 12, 2017

In this long overdue episode, the Irish Beer Snobs look back on their recent trip to the UK. To visit Leeds, and Dark City in the Northern Monk Refectory. A festival dedicated to the beauty of darker beers.

We also revisit our trip to one of the best taprooms in the UK, the Magic Rock Tap, in Huddersfield.

Looking forward we look forward to the next few weeks where there is events taking place;

  1. Fanah Fest - 8 Degrees, Mitchelstown, Co Cork link
  2. Brew Na Boinne - Boyne Brewhouse, Drogheda, Co Louth link
  3. Big Beery Night 2017 link

Thanks for listening

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